Is Justin Trudeau The World’s Most Stylish Politician?

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The Canadian Prime Minister is a world apart from his neighbour south of the border — not just in politics, but in style, too.


Few election campaigns have had such a focus on hair as Canada’s 2015 race between incumbent Stephen Harper’s Lego helmet, Tom Mulcair’s beard, and Trudeau’s relaxed mane. The Economist even labelled Trudeau the “hair apparent” following in the footsteps of his father Pierre, an equally dapper PM from 1968-84, kind of like Canada’s JFK. In the end, Trudeau’s chestnut waves won the day over Harper, an opponent more conservative in both policy and grooming.


While most politicians favour boxy, ill-fitting suits that sit about as well as a tracksuit jacket tossed over the back of a chair, Trudeau knows how formalwear should fit. The dark-blue three-piece he wore on his first trip to Washington in March 2016 — with slim lapels, a pale blue semi-spread shirt, a patterned blue tie, and burnished tan cap-toe shoes — was a particularly memorable outing.


Those sharply tailored suits demand a luxury Swiss wristwatch, and Trudeau’s timepiece doesn’t disappoint. His $12,000-plus IWC Regulateur is simple, sophisticated, refined, and just so happens to be a favourite of House of Cards’ Frank Underwood, too.


Men of style know that patterned socks which reflect the overall colour palette of the rest of the outfit can add a colourful twist to their business wear, and Trudeau’s one of them. Google ‘Trudeau socks’ and you’ll be treated to an array of showy socks, from tonal stripes and multi-coloured weaves to maple leaf patterns and skull and crossbones motifs.


Giving a tribute to Leonard Cohen at the Juno Awards — Canada’s Grammies — in May, Trudeau wore a skinny embroidered tie casually dangling beneath an undone top button, a kind of homage to Reservoir Dogs with a vintage twist. The embroidery is an eye-catching style move that’s also been rocked by Hollywood A-listers Ryan Gosling and Alexander Skarsgard.


Trudeau is perhaps the only major world leader sporting ink (unless Trump has a tribal band or an infinite symbol he’s not telling us about). The tat on his left arm is planet earth surrounded by a Haida raven, an indigenous motif designed by Canadian artist Robert Davidson of the Haida people (the indigenous population of northwest North America).