Icons of Style: Michael Fassbender

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In demand actor Michael Fassbender’s explosive screen presence contrasts with a restrained fashion sense.

His 2014 film, Frank, may have involved Michael Fassbender freakishly “non-appearing” for the entirety of the movie, but at an opening night these days no-one is in any doubt about who the stylish man with the razor-sharp cheekbones, beguiling smirk and way with a well-cut suit is.

The half-Irish, half-German actor is ridiculously sought after at the moment. His intensity and versatility mean he does everything from Magneto in X-Men (through seemingly endless sequels) to David in Prometheus, the sadistic plantation owner Edwin Epps in 12 Years A Slave, Carl Jung in A Dangerous Method and and Lt. Archie Hicox in Inglorious Basterds.
Away from the screen Fassbender has perfected an uncomplicated and unpretentious look for his public outings, founded on strong, simple basics, close-fitting suits and a restrained range of colours traversing greys, blues, black and white.

At around 1.83m and 75kg, Fassbender’s the perfect male-model size for structured, well-cut suits and blazers, but he undercuts formality with v-necked tees and monochromatic linen shirts, as well as some favoured leather jackets. His aesthetic could be characterised as chic European, but free of flamboyance or unnecessary flourish. Fassbender is most definitely a man’s man.

“I would say one thing though; I feel European,” Fassbender has said, when asked about his cross-European roots and transcontinental career. “I did a road trip there this summer, going through all the different countries in Europe. They’re all very different but there’s a sort of common thread of understanding we have; probably from hundreds of years of beating the shit out of each other and living in each other’s back gardens. It’s nice being a European in America, where you can appreciate it but have your own sense of history; of difference.”

A fan of Gucci and Tom Ford, Fassbender clearly favours simple, refined yet classy attire when it comes to fashion, bringing the screamier, shoutier side of himself to his magnetic screen performances. Long may he reign.

Fassbender in Gucci at the recent premiere of Assassin’s Creed in New York.