How to Wear Pink Like A Man

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Pink’s stigma as a colour confined to Barbie cars and gay men has well and truly disappeared, thank god — so what are the best ways to incorporate this statement colour into your wardrobe?

Do: Try pink business shirts

A pale pink shirt with a classic navy suit helps you stand out from the crowd of white and blue shirt-wearers, while still looking smart and not too attention-grabbingly out-there. A pink Oxford shirt complements navy and charcoal grey beautifully.

Don’t: Don a pink polo

This preppy staple is the universal sign of “My dad’s a lawyer”/“It’s actually not that hard to buy a three-bedder in Sydney”/“Bro, I cannot wait for Sebastian’s polo party next Sunday”.

Do: Match pink with black

Fashion is all about contrasts and there aren’t many juxtapositions more stark than pink against black, whether that’s pairing a pink linen shirt with black skinny jeans in your casual wear or a pink button-down with a black tie, suit, or leather in the board room.

Don’t: Wear pink trousers

More accurately, only some men can get away with wearing them and it very much depends on what else you wear them with. Keep your other colours muted or more traditional, unless you skipper a Super-cruiser in the Mediterranean.


Do: Match pink with your skin tone

Guys with a dark complexion are flattered by pale pink, but pale guys are totally flushed out by the colour, which turns them into an amorphous blob of slightly flushed pinkness. If you’re more Wayne Rooney than Paul Pogba, sorry — pink just isn’t your colour.


Don’t: Wear hot neon pink

Leave those really bright pinks to teenage girls at 5SOS concerts — it’s just way to loud and garish for a grown man to pull of with style.

Do: Accessorise with pink

If a full-on pink piece of clothing seems like a bridge too far, dip your toe in the water with a subtle accessory — a pink and navy tie, or a pocket square echoing your pale pink business shirt, or loud pink socks, for example. It’s a statement colour, so even a little splash stands out.