How to Rock Driving Shoes

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Tod’s Gommino

Originally reserved for the pedals of zippy Italian roadsters and now a preppy style staple of modern menswear, driving moccasins are one of the most on-trend casual shoes of 2017.

Designed to be more sensitive to car pedals — made of supple leather with a pattern of rubber nubs on the sole for extra grip — the comfortable slip-ons should form part of your casual wear wardrobe . . . and these are the do’s and don’ts you need to follow.

Be bold

Chunky stitching, bright colours, a variety of styles . . . driving shoes provide so much opportunity to make a statement. Moccasins come in every colour in the rainbow — which can be co-ordinated nicely with a summery pastel polo — as well as a stack of different uppers, from tassels and buckles to faux laces and the classic penny loafer strap.

Stay casual

The material, toe shape (squarer than pointy dress shoes), and vibrant colours mean that driving mocs are limited to casual occasions. Think a summer lunch, afternoon at the beer garden, stroll with the dog for a morning coffee . . . not with a suit, a wedding, nor a nightclub (besides, you don’t want those soft soles tackling a nightclub bathroom floor, or the leather exposed to any moisture anywhere). Pair with slim cut jeans or chinos rolled up at the ankle, or shorts in the sunshine.

Keep them in good nick

They have a luxury vibe — they’re what rich dudes used to slip on in the car just for the road, after all — so they need to look fresh . . . and soft leather and rubber dimples aren’t too forgiving. The fact that they’re less expensive than dressier shoes and come in a wide variety of styles means it’s worth investing a wardrobe full of a few different pairs that you can mix and match with different outfits.

Sack socks

Driving mocs are a casual look, so go ahead and flash some ankle — pairing them with socks just looks plain weird. If you’re worried about stank, pick up some invisible socks, or if that extra layer makes the slip-ons too tight, make sure the inside of the shoe is leather so it can absorb sweat better than a synthetic material could.