How to pull off perfect boardshorts this summer

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The weather’s hotting up and that pair of baggy old Billabong boardies just won’t cut it in 2016.

Tips for tall men

Surf-inspired boardshorts with a knee-length inseam are the go-to for leggy blokes, because they stop your long limbs from looking too gangly. But the longer cut is no excuse for a billowy fit that looks like a tangled parachute when you emerge from the water — always go for a fitted waist and a tailored pant leg falling just above the knee.


What about shorties?

The vertically challenged, on the other hand, should opt for a thigh-high inseam and a squarer cut, which adds the allusion of height. The exposed thigh of this ‘70s-style vintage cut will be popular again this summer — not quite as high as in previous years, but still well above the knee.


Something for the bigger blokes

The tailored thigh-high square cut — especially in solid dark colours or vertical stripes — is also flattering if you’re carrying a bit of timber. But choose a pair with a fixed waist that sits perfectly on your hips rather than a tight drawstring, which pinches your love handles and risks creating a muffin top.

Let’s go retro

Not only is the square ‘70s cut in style this summer — retro prints are, too. Tropical floral patterns of hibiscus and palm trees, as well as multicoloured geometric prints, are great ways to make a statement on the sand. If you can’t wear bright colours at the beach during summer, when can you?

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Dress it up

Dazzling hues and eye-catching designs will help you stand out but more muted colours and a slightly longer cut will transition more easily into the evening. Nearly all the major fashion designers and a growing collection of independent swimwear brands produce pairs of classy boardies that won’t look out of place with a buttoned shirt at a beachside bar.

Orlebar Brown: wear them from the water to the bar.