How To Make Your Eye Colour Complement Your Wardrobe

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Believe it or not, you can use your eye colour to show off your clothing to best effect, and vice versa. Here’s how.

Blue eyes

Baby blues stand out easily enough on their own, but a bit of extra assistance from your wardrobe can make them pop even more. Classic neutral colours — navy, grey, olive green, and other earthy tones — as well as shades of red and orange amplify your eyes’ blueness by their contrast, as does any shape of pink. Shades of blue, particularly deeper shades, also draw attention to your eyes and make them appear more intense — wearing a navy tie over a pale blue shirt to work, for example, is a winner.


Green eyes

Colours that contrast with your eyes — coral, for instance, as well as tones of pale yellow and purple — will make the green look sharper and more piercing, while dark shades of green also make them appear deeper — green eyes shine when paired with a mossy or forest green, both popular colours for men’s jackets. Wearing yellow or blue also brings out those tints in your green eye colour.


Brown eyes

Rich blues make your big brown puppy dog eyes appear even bigger and browner — wearing a navy blue button-down or a dark denim jacket will make your blinkers look even more alluring. At the other end of the spectrum, gentle shades of pastel — muted hues of pink, yellow, and green — also combine nicely with brown eyes by making them look deeper and more sharply defined.


Hazel eyes

 A combination of green and brown, reflecting either of those two colours in your outfit will draw out that tint in your eye, while lavender is another hue that makes hazel eyes pop — and if you find it too feminine, you can incorporate it in subtle ways like accessories (a subtle pocket square, say) or a print on a T-shirt. If you’re trying to look more formal, a dark charcoal suit or a midnight blue button-down are both reliable evening wear staples.