How To Choose The Right Sunglasses For Your Face

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There is actually some science behind pairing the right pair of sunglasses with your face shape.

While men’s faces obviously come in many shapes and sizes, let’s keep this to the essentials and deal with the four most common shapes: square, round, oval and heart.

Sunglasses are an essential part of the modern man’s armoury of accessories  and can really top off an overall look… but they can also look clumsy and unwieldy if their shape is not right for your face. It’s a fairly easy thing to get right… there’s these basic guidelines below, and then there’s the all important mirror test, of course.

Square Face

Putting square or rectangular framed sunglasses on a square face can make you look positively… fearsome, particularly if the frames are a little thicker. A bit like the dictator of some out-of-the-way country. Put on some round frames to help soften your natural angularity.



Oliver Peoples


Round Face

Kind of the opposite of what we’ve just advised for those with square faces. The round-faced man needs a pair of rectangular frames to help provide some structure to the overall impression he makes. This frame shape will also make any suggestion of “moon face” far less obvious, drawing attention away because of the strength of the rectangle shape.





Heart Face

If your cheeks and chin are much narrower than the top half of your face, it’s a matter of contouring so that your appearance is symmetrical and glasses don’t appear either too big or too small on your dial. Wear frames that are wider at the top… those that feature some detailing are even better, though not entirely necessary if not your preference.



Paul Smith


Oval Face

Consider yourself genetically blessed. This face shape allows you to wear pretty much any shape of sunglasses frame and look the goods. Your biggest conundrum is choosing the right frames to go with the rest of your look… and you have more freedom in terms of making bolder choices with eyewear, like thicker frames or retro-inspired designs.