How To Care For Your Clothes

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Let’s talk about clothes care — it mightn’t by sexy, but follow these tips to make the garments in your wardrobe last longer and look better.

Dress shirts

Piece of advice no.1: walk to your wardrobe, find all the wire hangers, and deposit them in the bin. Thin wire hangers create unsightly creases around the shoulders and warp the textile, so invest in thick wooden hangers instead — a quarter of an inch is a good width for shirts. Decent plastic hangers are still useful for air drying your dress shirts — far more gentle than tossing them in the dryer — then once ironed, fasten the top button then every second button below that to stop crinkling at the bottom, and hang them far enough apart in the wardrobe so they’re not touching each other.



A thick wooden hanger — about an inch wide is perfect for a suit jacket — is a small investment to make compared the money you shelled out for the suit in the first place, maintaining proper shape in the shoulders. Suits don’t need to be bagged if you can store them in a cool, dry, dark and clean wardrobe, but spend 30 seconds after every use brushing the jacket to remove any dirt and debris it’s accumulated throughout the day before it settles into the fabric.



One big problem with sticking your suit in a garment bag is that the bottom of the pant leg can tend to crumple, so if you insist on bagging, carefully employ the ‘Saville Row fold’, threading the trousers through the hanger until the hem reaches the waistline. Clamped hangers are better, clipped onto the hem of the trouser to prevent wrinkles. Casual trousers like jeans can be folded without a problem; same with other casual wear garments like shorts and T-shirts.



If suit jackets require wooden hangers, your footwear demand something similar — a wooden shoe tree to preserve the shape of your leather shoes, prevent premature creasing, and wick away sweat to deodorise the shoe. Insert the shoe tree as soon as you’re finished wearing your shoes so it can get to work absorbing that moisture, and store your footwear somewhere breathable so you don’t trap the stink.



You can’t beat a tie rack, but if you don’t own one or collection has grown too large, roll them up in a dark draw to prevent discolouration and crinkling. Roll the tie from the narrow end first and remove any wrinkles with a hand steamer.