Highlights from Gucci FW17 Show

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Gucci’s Alessandro Michele introduces men’s and women’s collections inspired by the concept of The Alchemist’s Garden…

We won’t pretend we fully understand the description that accompanied Gucci’s FW2017 collections shown during Milan during the week, but we did appreciate the rich beauty and diversity of the clothes.

“The alchemist’s garden is an anti-modern laboratory because it denies some of the principles on which is based a certain scientism characterised by rigidity and determinism. It’s the place where the deadly logic of non-contradiction is overcome. The place where the ambivalence, intended as possibility to welcome antithetic explanations of the real, is celebrated. In this frame, dualisms (man-woman, essence-appearance, shadow-light, immanence-transcendence, body-spirit, good-evil, inside-outside), classifying approaches and strict separations deflagrate…”


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Gucci F/W 2017