Happy birthday… Dennis the Menace

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The wackiest purveyor of male fashion turns 55 today…

In his 55 years on Earth, Dennis Rodman has become the most outlandish of male fashion icons.

While we can’t condone the man’s politics—the former NBA superstar has endorsed Donald Trump and befriended North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un—there’s no denying he’s provided us with plenty of amusement over the years.

Here are his best-worst looks.

1.The Wedding Dress

To promote his 1996 book Bad As I Wanna Be, Rodman declared himself bisexual and “married” himself—in a wedding dress.


2. Hawaiian Hair Don’t

In 2013 Dennis hit up a Celebrity Apprentice red carpet in floral blazer and towering Mohawk.


3. Out From Under A Rock

Cigar? Check! Double vest? Yup! Waist sash! Uh-uh. Dennis was ready to rock at 2009’s Rock Fashion Week.


4. Ready For That Job Interview

Looking rather conservative in 2014, just before taking a basketball team to play in North Korea.


5. Back To Basics

Then, when he took to the American airwaves to justify his trip to North Korea, Dennis returned to his signature garish style.