Half-Marathon World Record In A Three-Piece Suit!

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Pic: Drew Grigg, Yet Another Idea

Sydney man Mike Tozer breaks a world record for a great cause in his tailored three-piece suit.

We’ll confess we here at Men’s Style didn’t know there even was a world record for a half-marathon run in a suit but we do now after Sydney’s Mike Tozer recently broke the record.

Wearing a three-piece bespoke suit he had made by a Hong Kong tailor, Tozer shaved three seconds off the existing record at the Westlink M7 Blacktown Running Festival, running the Half-Marathon in 1hr, 18 minutes and 10 seconds and beating the record set in the UK last April by Scott Forbes.

Pic: Drew Grigg, Yet Another Idea

Tozer had a special reason for his record attempt, raising awareness for a genetic syndrome called Fragile X, which his son has. The condition – the most common genetic cause of autism – is a premutation affecting one in 468 men in the US, or 320,000 men.

It was Tozer’s second attempt at the record, but he learnt lessons from the initial attempt.

“Wearing the suit drew a lot of attention with spectators taking photos and giving my hi-fives near the start,” Tozer tells Men’s Style. “This went to my head and I ended up starting way too fast. For attempt number two I focused better at the start and tried to ignore the distractions.”

And what is the fate of a bespoke suit after running half a marathon?

“It needed a good dry clean from all the sweat but it actually fared pretty well,” says Mike. “I picked a bold colour so it would stand out in the race, but now I’ve seen more a more people wearing a similar bright blue so I will definitely be wearing it again. I might also consider wearing it in a full marathon, as there is a record for that distance too.”

Courtesy: Blacktown Council

For more information about Fragile X please visit: www.fragilex.org.au