Guys, Would You Wear ‘Meggings’?

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Meggings – men’s leggings – are here, but are they a thing?

Walking around the city streets it’s clear the leggings/tights revolution is complete, with every second woman sporting a pair whether they’re on their way to the gym or not. But should men wear them?

A number of companies already produce leggings for gym or active/sports wear but most self-respecting men wear them under shorts and those that don’t, well, we can safely call them exhibitionists.

But Kapow ‘Meggings‘ don’t care all about that and produce a wide range for men to wear in day-to-day life, including a special range of the upcoming Halloween period. Describing them as “unique, stylish and comfortable, they’re made especially for men- longer in length, wider in width (in all the right places) and form fitting regardless of size.”

So, would you wear them? Obviously some confidence is required to do so, and while we won’t challenge Kapow on the words “unique” and “comfortable”, we’d perhaps query the “stylish” description. You be the judge.




Introducing Kapow Meggings. Yes, men’s leggings.



Kapow Meggings embrace the comfort, practicality, and shear outrageousness of meggings. That’s why they’re perfect for Halloween season- the 12 vibrant looks make for some truly unique costume ideas.