Gucci’s Film for the 2016 Gift Giving Campaign

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Lush and painterly, Floria Sigismondi’s film for Gucci’s 2016 Gift Giving campaign is a work of art.

Created by artist and director Floria Sigismondi, Gucci’s Gift Giving 2016 campaign film is set in Creative Director Alessandro Michele’s lush Gucci Garden, where wildlife and flora appear in romantic and colourful prints and as embellishments throughout the collection.

Inspired by the story of the Garden of Eden, beautiful plants and exotic animals such as a tiger, a zebra, birds, bees, bunnies and even a unicorn live gracefully together. The snake, tree and apple co-exist in a world of natural plenitude in which youthful Adams and Eves exist in innocence and harmony. The romantic and esoteric atmosphere, combined with Donizetti’s “Il Dolce Suono” create a hypnotic intensity.