G-Star’s Family Portrait

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G–Star goes beyond the product and casts their own staff as face of their new campaign: RAW Family Portrait. 

For the first time in the history of the brand, G-star have stepped beyond the product and cast their own staff members as the face of their new campaign: RAW Family Portrait. The campaign tells the story of what exists beneath the surface of the brand itself: the people that make it, their craft, and the spaces they occupy. RAW Family Portrait puts the spotlight on the people who make G-Star as it is today, featuring everyone from a service desk employee to an apparel designer; the company’s chef to Pharrell Williams himself, represent a subset of everybody who is involved in this campaign.

Pharrell Williams

The RAW Family Portrait is just one part of a multilayered campaign, which is also comprised of a film and digital shorts that highlight the processes taking place at G-Star headquarters in Amsterdam, journeying through the RAW factory and featuring the staff that make up G-Star RAW. These individuals, including Pharrell, are seen practising their crafts and heard in the voiceover while together explaining the meaning of RAW. The series of digital shorts tell the stories of the brand’s engineering process, obsession with 3D-denim construction and commitment to sustainable fashion.  The video is directed by Sing J Lee, a multidiscipline director and artist who has worked with the likes of Birdie, Muse, Chari XCX.

G-Star’s RAW Family Portrait campaign asks the question, “What is RAW?” by stripping back what’s on the outside to uncover what lies beneath – the heart and soul of the G-Star brand.

Pieter Kool, G-Star Design Director