Future Fabrics – They’re Here Now!

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Discomfort, wrinkles and whiffy odours will soon be a thing of the past…

We all love our threads. But sometimes they don’t keep our bodies at the right temperature. Meanwhile, our lifestyles do their darnedest to undo our clothing’s crispness and cleanliness. But unsightly creases and crumples, stains and stink will soon be banished, thanks to the next generation of garments, such as those being produced by techno-fabric US company Ministry Of Supply – “the next evolution of work essentials”.


In this fascinating video, the firm’s founders, Gihan Amarasiriwardena, Aman Advani and Kit Hickey, describe how they’re “hacking” fashion for new dimensions in comfort and performance, whether it’s the simplicity of their “Frankensocks” or shirts made with NASA space-suit lining called “Phase Change Material” that regulates your body temperature and wicks away sweat.

Multi-directional stretch and dynamic construction suit.


Another big winner is Ministry Of Supply’s Mercury sweater, which is made with carbonised coffee embedded into the fabric to eliminate body odours — and, no, you don’t end up smelling like espresso.

Also not too shabby: a suit that’s so comfortable Advani wore it while running a half-marathon and said it was better than his regular activewear.