From Men’s Style to Global Fashion Campaigns

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Former Men’s Style model, Aussie James ‘Jack’ Phillips is fast becoming an in-demand international model.

In our Summer 2014 issue we featured a young Australian model from Newcastle in a shoot we did at Kurnell in Sydney (see shots below).

Since then James Phillips has gone on to become a top male model through London’s Storm Management (his home agency being London Managament) – not bad for a kid discovered on a street corner back home in Australia.

As he told the website BoysByGirls about his discovery:

“I was scouted just on the corner of a street. I was doing a face to face fund-raising thing for a surfing foundation in Australia and this photographer just happened to walk past, and there was a model agency nearby that he was friendly with. He told them that he’d just seen a bloke that might be worth picking up and they came down and hit us up about it. At first I was pretty bemused and didn’t really know what to make of it, but after a little chat with them it all sounded pretty good and I went along with it and yeah here I am! So I’m pretty happy with how it has all gone so far, its all good experience.”


Campaigns for the likes of Polo Ralph Lauren and Paul Smith are testament to the Aussie’s rise. and it comes with a refreshing lack of pretension.

“It wasn’t really something I put heaps of thought into,” he says of his entry into modelling. “My knowledge of the fashion industry I guess would come from watching Zoolander or something like that [laughs]. But you know coming into it it’s a pretty cool scene to be involved with.”

James Phillips for Men’s Style, Summer 2014
James Phillips for Men’s Style, Summer 2014
James Phillips for Men’s Style, Summer 2014