Friday Quiz – Do You Know Shirts?

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Think you know your collars, seams, patterns, fabrics and cuffs? Try your knowledge to see if you’ve got this stitched up.

1.A style that spreads apart towards the shoulder, a cutaway collar is also known as a…

a) Elizabethan collar

b) Windsor collar

c) Georgian collar

d) Edwardian collar


2. Used to shape a shirt to the body, a triangular or rhomboid piece of fabric inserted into a seam is called a…

a) Gusset

b) Guernsey

c) Gallant

d) Geysmere


3. The duotone textile pattern known as houndstooth also has a smaller-scale version called…

a) Kittentooth

b) Minihound

c) Puppytooth

d) Sextone



4. Twill is a fabric woven…

a) From different cottons for use in hot climates.

b) From wool and cotton and used in overcoats.

c) For a ribbed surface of diagonal parallel ridges.

d) For a light-weight texture, also known as seersucker.


5. A double-length two-button barrel shirt cuff that folds back on itself, as was popularised by Sean Connery in Dr. No, is most commonly known as the

a) Cocktail or turnback cuff

b) Pyramid or triangle cuff

c) Scoopback or plough cuff

d) Croupier or player cuff


The answers: 1 – b; 2 – a; 3 – c; 4 – c; 5 – a.