Friday Quiz: Big Brands

Categories Fashion

Take a minute to test how well you know your logos, designers and undies…

1. Originally founded as a leather goods company in Milan in 1913, this company had since become a global style powerhouse known for its bags, suits, fragrances, eyewear and even mobile phones. It is…

a) Prada

b) Gucci

c) Dolce & Gabbana

d) Armani


Known for flashy prints and bright colours, this brand has the mythological seductress Medusa as its logo.

a) Gucci

b) Givenchy

c) Versace

d) Balenciaga


3. Dolce & Gabbana recently joined forces with ________ to create a range of _________.

a) Samsung; bedazzled flat-screen TVs.

b) Smeg; handpainted fridges.

c) LG; gold-plated dishwashers

d) Apple; diamond-encrusted iPhones


4. Fashion legend Tom Ford is best known as the former creative director of which two labels?

a) Gucci and Versace

b) Gucci and YSL

c) Gucci and Armani

d) Gucci and Abercrombie & Fitch


5. Iconic Aussie undies Bonds were in the news this week because…

a) the company launched a controversial Y-string for men.

b) men going “commando” has seen profits drop 33% since 2014.

c) Malcolm Turnbull said he enjoys their snug fit.

d) the brand will soon be foreign-owned.


Answers – a, c, b, b, d