Four Hat Trends For 2017

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Statement headwear has been a huge trend on the Northern Hemisphere’s autumn-winter catwalks this season, and these are the four hat styles that will be huge in 2017.

Baseball caps

Although snapbacks aren’t dead, there is a shift occurring towards simpler baseball caps — sleek designs made of leather and suede in muted colours, often with luxe touches like fur lining and subtle detailing. Valentino and Dior have paired this style of cap with formal wear in recent fashion shows — always in neutral colours, and worn sensibly with the peak facing forwards rather than at an angle or perched on the side of the head — but if wearing a cap with a suit strikes you as too much of a stretch, the classic cap is also a timeless addition to your casual wear.

Louis Vuitton FW17.


The beanie trend is big . . . literally and figuratively. When the weather gets cooler this winter, beanies will be oversized and textured, featuring chunky knits, thick stripes, and heavy wool, also sticking to neutral colours like navy and grey. Wearing a beanie with no texture too tight won’t flatter your silhouette and leave your noggin looking like a matchstick, but going too droopy is also a no-no, leaving a puddle of fabric at the back of your head.

Moncler FW17.

Bucket hats

They’ve been a streetwear favourite for decades but the sustained popularity of that urban look has driven bucket hats into the fashion mainstream, spreading that California surfer-skater vibe around the globe. Every street fashion label now boasts an extensive line of stylish bucket hats — Stussy’s a favourite for that vintage 1990s look, while Supreme offers a range of bright and bold prints and patterns — that pair nicely with streetwear staples like athletic jerseys, high-top sneakers, and bomber jackets.

Topman FW17.

Flat caps

British retailers retailers reported a spike in the sales of flat caps last year thanks to the the explosion of period crime drama Peaky Blinders, which has transformed this humble hat from the signature of farmers and 1930s chimneysweeps to a seriously popular item among trendy city types and A-listers alike — Justin Timberlake, Brad Pitt, Idris Elba and Jon Hamm are among the celebs who have been snapped wearing a flat cap on the red carpet.

Ben Sherman FW17.