Five Zero-Effort Outfits

Categories Fashion

Rushing out the door and don’t know what to wear? Throw together these five no-thought combos that stick to the basics.


If you only own one suit, make it this one: a single-breasted navy suit with medium-width notch lapels, the most versatile colour and style that can be dressed up or down. That versatility also means it’s easy to find something to wear with it when you’ve got five minutes before you need to leave for work, but you can’t go wrong with a crisp white shirt, a blue tie that’s a couple of shades lighter than your suit, and brown Oxfords or brogues on your feet.



It’s easy to get flustered before a date at the best of times, let alone when you’re staring blankly at your wardrobe and nothing’s jumping out at you. Cut the stress by combining solid staples like chinos, a bright white T-shirt, and simple white trainers with a navy blazer, crew-neck jumper, or Harrington jacket . . . and a spritz of your signature scent, of course.


You’re probably not as worried about what your mates at the pub think of your outfit as you are about your date, but that’s no excuse to rock a baggy pair of blue jeans and a Motorhead World Tour 1985 T-shirt with holes in the sleeves. Throw on dark denim jeans, a trusty white tee, and boots (anything from desert boots to Docs to snappy Chelsea boots) with a military-inspired outer layer in the form of a field or bomber jacket.


No-one’s taking style too seriously at the beach — how else would below-the-knee board shorts have survived so deep into the 21st Century? — but don’t consider that an invitation to dress in the dark when it’s so easy to grab tailored chino shorts, a casual white button down, and an on-trend pair of tan leather strap sandals. That crisp white T-shirt — which is a real staple of these zilch-effort ensembles — is also a failsafe option.


You’ve got plenty of room to move with your streetwear but when you’re trying to pull together an outfit without thinking, stick to black which pairs beautifully with, well, black. Black jeans, black sneakers or boots, black tee, black bomber or leather jacket. Simple, striking, stylish.