Five Signs You’re A Stylish Man

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How to tell if you’re a gent who has the goods...

1.You Dress For Yourself

If your idea of looking good is tracksuit pants, a singlet and flip flops then you are more likely to rock that look than a guy who hates “on fleek” threads but forces himself into them in a bid to impress others. A stylish man looks in the mirror and is impressed by what he sees rather than hopes other people will be impressed by what they see. You should care what you think of how you look, rather than caring what the world thinks.

2. You’re On Purpose

From hair and beard to clothes and  accessories and fragrance: nothing you wear is by accident. That doesn’t mean that you spend hours dressing and grooming every day. What it means is that you have bought each item or chosen each style with care in the first place.


3. You’re An Editor

You have an innate understanding that less is more and simplicity is elegance. Before you leave the house you check that everything you’re wearing or carrying is essential. If it’s not, you take it off or put it down.

4. You Don’t Follow

You have an interest and knowledge of fashion and style trends but you’re not a “follower”. You adopt or adapt the new when you like it but usually you let fads pass you by, not out of snobbishness but because you like what you like. You’re not afraid to wear something that’s “you” even if it’s not considered “cool”. Similarly, you’re happy to voice an opinion that might not be held by most, whether it’s a genuine love of domestic beer over boutique or craft offerings or an unapologetic fondness for Bryan Adams over Ryan Adams.


5. You’re Classic

While your wardrobe, vanity, record collection, bookshelf and decor comprise a decent proportion of contemporary offerings, the majority of your possessions will look, smell, sound and feel as good in a decade as they do today because they’re classics. From hair styles to shirts, you rarely look at old photos and say, “What was I thinking?” That’s because you are thinking.