Five Reasons You Need A Bespoke Suit

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Every man should have at least one in the wardrobe…

Unrivalled fit

Bespoke suits are built from scratch over multiple fittings by expert tailors deftly adjusting the design to every contour of your body shape. The result? A fit that leaves off-the-rack or made-to-measure in its wake. You could visit 20 menswear stores and not find a jacket that drapes over your body the way a custom-made one does, with flattering lines tapering from your shoulders down to your waist.

Superior comfort

The benefit of a suit that fits like a glove is that it feels so damn comfortable, too. The thing is literally designed for your body, so of course it’ll sit perfectly over your shoulders and hug your back. Fit is important for everyone but it’s particularly crucial if your body isn’t built like a mannequin — for men who are slightly taller, shorter, rounder, or whatever-er than the average bloke, the custom fit flatters your best bits and conceals the rest.

Increased durability

Every handmade stitch means your garments are much more likely to stand the test of time than some cheap number rolling off the assembly line, which isn’t employing the best materials nor the skill of quality craftsmanship. Suit-makers produce clothes that are built to last with superior attention to detail and higher quality fabric that won’t wear out around the knees and elbows after a couple of wears.

Competitive price

Sure, a few fittings with a professional tailor doesn’t come cheap. But depending where you buy your ready-to-wear suits off the rack, a bespoke suit might not be all that much more expensive — in fact, custom-made can start to look like a pretty shrewd investment when it’s still looking sharp several years after you purchase it.

More personality

You’ve got total creative control over every little detail — the fit and the fabric, the colour and the collar design, the width and style of lapel, even tiny elements like the style of buttons, stitching, cuff and pockets — so your sense of style shines through in a bespoke suit. Rock it with all the confidence that comes with knowing the suit is all your creation.