Five Pieces of Star Wars Style

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One of the most influential films of all time has also spawned a series of special collection fashion items.

Today marks 40 years since George Lucas’ first instalment in the epic space opera, and for all its cinematic achievements, the most successful merchandising franchise in film history has produced some truly awful fan fashion that should have been left in a galaxy far, far away. We’re talking furry Chewbacca hoodies, a spate of droid T-shirts, Darth Vader cufflinks, and a stack of other garments that shouldn’t see the light of day anywhere besides Comic-Con. But Star Wars has also inspired the occasional item that wouldn’t look out of place fully grown, not-totally-style-blind adults — and here’s five of them.


In 2015, London outerwear designer Matchless released a line of fighter jackets and blousons from both sides of the intergalactic conflict, from San Solo’s flap-pocket leather waistcoat and Han Solo’s hooded parka to a studded TIE-Fighter blouson and an intricate leather jacket inspired by Darth Vader. The coats retail for between £299 (AU$525) to £1199 (AU$2100).


Specsavers launched a limited edition Star Wars frame — yes, for adults, featuring a not-too-garish Storm Trooper design on the temple — on May the Fourth (get it?) last year, and no surprise, they sold out faster than you can say “may the force be with you”.


Statement socks are always a subtle way to add a colourful twist to your workwear, so Star Wars devotees should follow Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s lead. The world’s most stylish politician sent the nerd Twittersphere into meltdown when he wore R2-D2 and C-3PO on his feet to a meeting with the Irish PM on May the Fourth this year (below).

Ugg boots

Let’s be honest, you’re rocking uggs for comfort not fashion, so you may as well pay homage to your favourite sci-fi film while you’re at it. The sheepskin footwear offers a Vader-black collection that Ugg promises is “suited for the blizzards of Hoth, the rocky terrain of Tatooine, and even the halls of the Death Star.”


Two years ago, Geneva-based luxury watchmakers MB&F this year released a timepiece called the “Music Machine”, a chrome masterpiece featuring two lateral wings mimicking a TIE-Fighter around a central music box that plays the Star Wars theme, and carrying a price tag of 17,500 Swiss Francs (AU$23,500). Nixon’s 51-30 SW, whose black dial is inspired by Darth Vader’s ventilation mask, is perhaps a more realistic purchase at $700.