Five Outfits Bound To Impress A Woman

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For when you really needs to turn heads with what you wear.

1. Tuxedo

James Bond’s outfit of choice was the tux and it’s no coincidence he always got the girl. An elegant classic that will never go out of style, the tuxedo has evolved subtly over time — a velvet jacket with smart black trousers is a popular vintage look these days, while midnight blue is a contemporary alternative to the quintessential black. But keep it simple — the timeless tux is Bond’s definitive look for a reason.


2. Lounge suit

Providing a more casual feel than a tuxedo, a lounge suit dressed up with a tie is a great way of showing her how well you scrub up. The slim-fit, single-breasted two piece is slick and contemporary, while the fitted double-breasted or three-piece suit is an enduring classic.


3. Blazer and denim

This outfit strikes a perfect balance between dressing up with a blazer (what your pop would call a sports coat) and dressing down with a stylish pair of slimming dark jeans. And to impress her, follow some golden rules: no baggy light jeans, make sure you’re paring denim with a blazer and not a suit jacket, and contrast your colours by complementing dark-blue jeans with a tan, brown or grey blazer and light-coloured shirt.


4. Prep

The American Ivy League style of dress is still smart in 2016 — chambray and lightweight linen shirts, fitted polos, circular sunglasses, chinos and cable-knit sweaters are all staples of the preppy look. Tommy Hilfiger’s signature hues — navy, white and crimson — work well as casual and formal attire.


5. Fireman’s uniform

Women love a fireman . . . although for this outfit to work, it helps if you actually are one.