Five Myths Of Men’s Fashion

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Don’t fall for sartorial ideas that don’t fly…

1.“I Can Use Clothes To Hide”

While men’s fashion can certainly accentuate your best points and minimise those things you like least about yourself, the one thing clothes can’t do is hide the real you from view. If you’re an overweight guy, you’re much better off wearing clothes that fit than trying to hide it with XXXXL draping strategies or squeezing yourself into too-small clobber. Choice of colours, patterns and cut can all help you appear leaner and taller, but don’t ever try to cover up the real you because you’ll only draw more attention to yourself.

2. “I Need More Clothes To Be Cool”

What do you think works better? Owning 20  ill-fitting low-quality but different shirts or three perfectly tailored designs that you wear in high rotation? Obviously with the former you can wear a new shirt every working day for a month. Problem is you’ll always look crap. With the latter option you’ll always look spiffing. Most likely: few people will even notice, as was the case when Karl Stefanovic wore that same suit on The Today Show every day for a year… to precisely zero commentary from even one of his producers or hundreds of thousands of fans. The message: go quality over quantity.


3. “I Have To Follow A Fad”

If you love the sockless look, or the tight shiny suit look, then by all means go for it—if you can pull it off. But here’s the thing: if you’re only doing it because you’re trying to fit in, you’re unlikely to ever feel comfortable or actually carry it off. You’re far better off feeling comfortable in clothes you truly like than forcing yourself into fads that just don’t suit you. You won’t fool anyone, including yourself, and you won’t have much fun.


4. “I Don’t Need To Make An Effort”

Grunge has a lot to answer for because it made looking sloppy seem stylish. Granted, it can work, on some guys, at some times, in some places. But by and large the average gent doesn’t look cool when he looks like he just rolled out of the bushes after a bender in the local park. He just looks, well, like a hobo. Ripped and threadbare clothes, stains of any sort, scuffy shoes and straggly beards just make you seem like you don’t care—about yourself or your companions. You don’t have to be a fashion plate. You do need to make some sort of effort.


5. “I’ll Wear This Again One Day…”

Men’s natural tendency to hang onto clothing is one of the biggest things holding them back from being in command of wardrobes that work. Clothing that’s ripped, stained, ill-fitting or faded needs to go. Seriously, you’ve gotten your wear out if, now let it go and buy a new version if you have to. Same deal for stuff you never wear. If you love it so much, why don’t you wear it? Trust us, a minute after it’s gone to the Salvo’s or Vinnies you’ll never think of it again—you didn’t in the last year until you shook your head and thought to yourself “I’ll Wear This Again One Day…” Trust us, you won’t — and you’ll just be throwing it out a decade from now, a decade in which you’ve robbed yourself of the chance to replace it with something you did wear.