Five Looks To Avoid This Coming Summer

Categories Fashion

Be stylish instead of slobby in the sun…

1.Sunnies Off Your Face

Tempting though it may be, when you get take your sunglasses off don’t park them on top of your head, wear them backwards on your head or squeeze them into your neck. For one, you get sweat and oil on the lenses. For second, you look like a dick. Slip your sunglasses into a breast pocket or hang them carefully from the neck of your shirt. A smart sunglasses chain is a good investment of you’re spending a lot of time out in the sun.


2. Unsightly Feet

Hot weather means we want to bust out the thongs and perhaps even sandals. That’s fine so long as your feet are in tip top shape. Get a pedicure if need be but for the love of god don’t inflict your yellowing and/or ingrown and/or overgrown nails and toe hair on the world.


3. Adult crocs

There is a time for slip-on shoes made from bright coloured plastic and laced with ventilation holes – and that time is when you’re yet to grow your first pubic hair. These are not a footwear choice for men. Don’t fall into the trap of getting a pair “for around the house” because before you know it you’ll be heading out for Sunday coffee in them and making all sorts of claims about “comfort”.


4. Advertising T-Shirts

How much is Coke, Repco or Ford paying you to be a walking billboard? If the answer is a hundred bucks a day, then awesome – as you were. Otherwise, take a close look at your casualwear wardrobe and ask how deep your brand loyalties really go. If you got the T for free with a case of beer or at an expo, chances are it can go because all you are doing is looking like a corporate minion. Also: it’s likely to be cheaply made and ill fitting. Turf it.



5. Singlets Off The Sand

Even on the beach these are a tricky proposition. They’re not flattering unless you’re Brad Pitt and they quickly throw your tan out. But off the sand they’re a total no-no. There’s no such thing as a formal or even smart casual singlet. You just look like a little boy or bogan teen. An open shirt over the singlet may be acceptable in the most laid back of circumstances.