Five Key Men’s Accessories

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fossil-cufflink-tiebar-setIf you like your suits and smart casual to be reasonably conservative, you can always add interest with the right accessories.

Unlike women, men don’t have a seemingly endless offering of accessories to choose from, though that has – and is – changing a lot.

Men’s accessories may be more limited but they offer the same opportunity that women’s accessories do – that is, to add some individuality to your look. You can make a statement about your personality and your interests with the right accessories, and also make a basic look i.e. a blue or grey suit, look far more interesting with the addition of some key accessory pieces.

Five every man should think about acquiring include:


Check the fashion mags – men wear loafers with their entire wardrobe these days, from casual to workwear. They’re incredibly versatile to dress up or down, plus they’re comfortable. Wear them with socks when you’re wearing a suit (though forget socks if you’re going to Pitti Uomo, or without with everything else. Invest in a pair and you’ll find you’re wearing them a lot more than you would have expected.

Tod’s loafers


The right sunnies really finish off a a look, adding panache and interest. You can look oestentatious, retro, avant-garde and any number of things depending on which style you choose. Just be sure to consider the design in terms of the rest of your appearance, and work out the right shape for your face.

How To Choose The Right Sunglasses For Your Face

Pacifico Optical ‘Dino’ sunglasses

Tie bar and cufflinks

They may seem small and relatively unnoticed but even minor details like your tie bar and your cufflinks can express a side of your personality the rest of your outfit doesn’t necessarily convey. You can have them monogrammed, or patterned, or (and we don’t really advise this, in the main) in the colours of your football team, but done well, you can be assured they will be commented on by admirers of your attention to detail.

The Dos and Don’ts Of Men Wearing Jewellery

Fossil tie bar and cufflinks


We’ve just posted a guide to the dos and don’ts of wearing men’s jewellery but as with cufflinks, they’re an accessory that can really express something about you not obvious from your choice of suit, or chinos. Men’s jewellery is continuing to grow so there are options to suggest you’re a rebel, that you’re loaded, that you’re comfortable with your feminine side, etc etc. It’s a highly personal choice.

Thomas Sabo Unity bracelet


The ultimate men’s accessory is an important choice, and most men these days own more than one timepiece, from high-end through to cheap as chips, to mix and match with their wardrobe. It’s something to closely consider – the watch your wear on a workday with your suit is not necessarily the one you’d wear on Saturday night at the club. Even if you don’t spend much money, aim to to collect some different styles that suit the different occasions on which you wear a watch.

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