Five Habits Of Highly Stylish Men

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Become one of them by following these essential tips…

1. He Takes Style Seriously

Truly stylish men do their homework and know that preparation is key. For instance, before heading out to buy clothes, he will check his wardrobe, work out where the gaps are, check the season’s fashions online or in Men’s Style and hit the stores with a very clear idea of what he wants to buy, what he wants to pay, what he’s looking for in terms of colour and fit, where and when it’ll be worn, and how it’ll work with his pre-existing collection. All of this takes time. The highly stylish man knows this and doesn’t rush his purchases.


2. But Not Too Seriously…

The highly stylish man is also aware that fashion is supposed to be about beauty and fun. While it pays to approach it with a certain level of preparation, it’s also not a matter of life and death. Everyone makes their little fashion faux pas: a tie that doesn’t exactly go with a shirt isn’t the end of the world. Similarly, everyone at some time buys a piece of clothing they don’t love as much as they thought they did. The stylish man doesn’t get hung up on this. He retires the piece, donating it to charity and chalks it up to experience.

3. He Has A “Look”

Through preparation, research, an innate aesthetic sense and, of course, trial and error, the highly stylish man knows what looks good on him. He knows which silhouettes best accentuate his body, which colours bring out his natural skin tones and suit his hair, which styles best mesh with his personality. While he’s not afraid to try new looks, he also has a style “signature” that is as much a part of “him” as his skin, laugh or eye colour.


4. He Knows The Devil Is In The Details

The highly stylish man realises that the little things count for a lot. For instance, wearing jewellery that’s all of a complementary colour, metal and texture isn’t something people might notice consciously but the subliminal effect is one of sophistication, care and cohesion. A shirt with red in its pattern can be picked up in the stripe of a tie, the hue of a pocket square and even the choice of phone cover you opt for that day. Getting these things wrong can create the impression that something doesn’t quite look or feel right about how you’re dressed.

5. He Believes Cleanliness Is Next To Godliness

It’s not enough to be wearing nicely chosen and coordinated clothes, accessories and fragrances. They all have to look, feel and smell clean and fresh. The highly stylish man doesn’t just choose the right clothes and products, he also knows how to take care of them. Rather than just settling for the once-a-week wash and dry, the highly stylish man realises that each item – be it a woolen blazer, designer jeans or dress shoes – will last longest and look best if it’s cleaned, cared for, protected and stored in a manner that treats it as an unique item. Sure it’s time-consuming, but it’s also a labour of love for the man who loves to look his best always.