Five Easy Ways To Upgrade Your Work Wear

Categories Fashion

 It only takes some simple tweaks to bring some interest and style to your work wardrobe.

Swap your plain shirts for patterns

 There’s nothing wrong with a plain white dress shirt — they were famously the only style of shirt President Obama wore to cut down the number of decisions he had to make every day — but you’ve got a little more time to spend on your wardrobe than the POTUS, so you can afford to upgrade your workwear with well-considered patterned shirts. Stripes are versatile, checks provide a nice contrast with a patterned tie, or bolder prints like paisley and geometric patterns are certain to make a splash in the office.


Swap your Oxfords for monkstraps

Just like there’s nothing wrong with a plain white dress shirt, there’s nothing wrong with your smart black Oxfords — but you wouldn’t go through life only eating vanilla ice cream without sampling some other flavours, and monk straps are the cookies and cream of formal footwear. The on-trend style — defined by its one or two straps and buckles instead of laces, often in a rich burgundy or oxblood — is a suave step up from more conservative shoe types.


Swap your silk tie for a knitted tie

A bold knit adds a little more flair to your outfit than a plain striped or regimental tie, with its outstanding texture, square tip, and slightly skinny width (usually 2.5 inches compared to 3 or 3.5). In the more formal business environment, stick to solid dark colours like deep shades of blue and red, a simple four-in-hand knot (full or half Windsor is too bulky with the heavier fabric), and consider accessorising with a collar bar beneath the knot.

 Swap your backpack for a messenger bag

Let’s get one thing straight: never crumple your suit’s shoulders by wearing a backpack into the office, especially when there’s so many more stylish man bag options out there — a messenger in brown leather or a casual checked print, an over-the-shoulder portfolio or work bag, a no-frills leather or calfskin briefcase in any number of hues, the list goes on.


Swap for plain suit for some accessories

Your suit is a blank canvas for any number of sharp accessories that will make you the style king of your office. Think about dressing up your work wear with a pocket square featuring a colour or pattern that echoes your shirt and tie, an understated lapel pin that suits the office environment, or a restrained narrow tie bar worn between the third and fourth buttons of your shirt.