Five Easy Ways To Become The Style King of The Office

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You’ll turn heads by nailing these five aspects of your nine-to-five style.


Although dress codes are becoming more relaxed, the office isn’t the place to experiment with a green windowpane-check suit — stick to dark, muted hues like black, charcoal, and navy with no more intricate pattern than a pinstripe. The tie is your opportunity to add a jolt of colour — and maybe even different texture or fabric like a weave or cashmere — to stand out from the army of workers who haven’t deviated from their plain blue silk tie for the last decade.


The shoe you choose depends on your suit. A black suit demands black leather, full stop, as does conservative dark charcoal, and you can’t go wrong with a classic black Oxford or Derby. On the less formal end of the spectrum, grey and blue suits are a little more versatile — navy suits, in particular, look great with tan or oxblood footwear, perhaps an on-trend brogue or monk strap.

Shirt and tie

Point collars look like the sort of thing your dad wears to the office — not you, modern man of 2017. The spread collar has become the contemporary shirt of choice, better suiting the relaxed no-tie look that’s become the norm in most contemporary corporate environments these days. But if you’re going to rock one, tie it properly — a thin four-in-hand with a skinny lapel or a plumper half Windsor if the proportions are more generous.


If the point collar is your dad’s choice of shirt, then the boxy square briefcase is his choice of bag — so set yourself apart with a modern man bag instead. The soft leather briefcase or satchel in shades of brown and burgundy is the contemporary favourite. Oh, and don’t even thing about wearing a backpack with your suit — it crumples the suit’s fabric around the shoulders and automatically makes you look like a kid on his way to school.

Casual Friday

Casual means ’something more laid-back than a business suit’, not ‘jeans and joggers straight out of episode of Seinfeld’. Don’t depart from leather footwear and collared shirts — a patterned Gingham or simple white Oxford shirt always hits the mark — but feel free to add dark denim (much dressier than light blue dad jeans), perhaps styled with a blazer to keep things businesslike.