Five Dressing Tricks to Make Yourself Look Slimmer

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How to dress if you’re carrying a few extra kilos…

How many times have you told yourself you’ll wait until you’ve lost a few kilos until you invest in your wardrobe? Spend time and money on great clothes now with these five style hacks for the heavier gentleman.

Black is the new black

“Black is slimming” is the biggest cliche in fashion for a reason: dark hues truly are flattering because they shrink the perception of size. Black denim jeans, in particular, are a clever way of making your bottom half look more slender and your legs look longer. Steer clear of bright colours and loud patterns, which exaggerate size.


Use shades

Employ different shades of the same colour — dark blues and autumnal hues like rich browns and greens — to streamline your silhouette and create the allusion of height. An outfit made up of too many different tones breaks up your body’s appearance, making you seem shorter and wider, and draws the eye to unflattering areas.

Get the right fit

The temptation for big blokes is to believe baggy clothes disguise problem areas — but oversized garments hanging off your frame only make you look larger than you really are. Obviously tight clothes give you nowhere to hide, so find the happy medium — fitted garments create a better silhouette on any body type. Thinner fabrics, and reliable brands you can trust for a comfortable cut, are also assets.

Don a jacket

A blazer or suit jacket adds definition to your shoulders, drawing the eye upwards, and tucks in your belly, creating a slimmer figure with a larger chest and thinner waistline. Go for a shorter cut, which elongates your leg line for height, and a wider lapel, which adds substance to your chest. The wide lapel is also a style little blokes can’t pull off, so embrace it.

Look from Johnny Bigg.

Stand tall

Back straight, feet square, shoulders back — good posture not only exudes confidence, but it makes you look thinner. A slim-cut trouser held up by a quality belt to avoid sag also lengthens your legs, flattering a man of substance.