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Size Does Matter, (Uni)sex Sells and Hot New Brit Designers…

Size Does Matter

While plus-size female models have in recent years become more common, beefier blokes modelling designer duds is something the world is only just waking up to. The revolution is being proclaimed after 26-year-old American fella Zach Miko this week became the first generously proportioned gent to sign with US-based international modelling agency IMG. Standing at 195cm, with a 100cm waist, Miko has previously modelled for Target. His look is being called “brawn”, which he explained to The Guardian thus: “It’s still a very new thing. There is still no definition for it. This whole idea of ‘brawn’ is loosely based on me.” That’s all great but let’s not forget Australia was ahead of this curve, with Jesse McNeilly, our home-grown plus-sized hunk, already well known as the ambassador for Johnny Bigg, the Tarocash line catering to bigger, taller fellas.

Zach Miko



Australia’s Jesse McNeilly for Johnny Bigg



Unisex Sells

Let the men and women walk together – that’s the message from Gucci. Seeking to end segregation of the sexes when it comes to showing new season fashions, Gucci’s chief executive Marco Bizzari yesterday announced the brand’s shows would from next year be mixed gender. “Moving to one show each season will significantly help to simplify many aspects of our business,” Mr. Bizzarri told The New York Times. “Maintaining two separate, disconnected calendars has been a result of tradition rather than practicality.”

Scene from Gucci’s pre-Fall 2016 ad campaign



Rule NewGen Brittania

Remember the names because in a few seasons from now you’ll be wearing their designs. The British Fashion Council has today named three new designers to receive the Topman-sponsored NewGen Men support in London: Grace Wales Bonner (catwalk show pictured), Phoebe English and Kiko Kostadinov. The trio will join existing recipients — Alex Mullins, Bobby Abley, Cottweiler, Craig Green, Diego Vanassibara, Liam Hodges and Pieter — and showcase their spring/summer 2017 collections during London Collections: Men. Launched in 2009, NewGen Men’s mission statement is to help designers showcase their collections and offer financial support and business mentoring.

Grace Wales Bonner show