Fashion can be funny, too

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OTAA may well be Australia’s funniest – yet serious – fashion house.

As much as we love cool clothes, we have to admit that occasionally the designer-threads advertising industry can be just a little po-faced. Thank goodness, then, for Otaa, the Aussie house that proves fashion can look amazing while also being highly amusing. Founded in 2011 by Melbourne brothers Fameez and Shaheen Haroon, OTAA – it stands for Online Ties Accessories Australia – sells a quirky range of neckwear and other gentlemanly necessities. But it’s how they sell their wares that’s attracting attention and has garnered them 100,000 Instagram followers. Eschewing the serious-as-a-heart-attack vibe of many online stores, their website is filled with tongue-in-cheek claims, testimonials and images.

Take this profile of Timmy Knowles, one of the “Men Of Otaa”:

“Mr. Knowles knows how to smoke a cigar in sea water and not look ridiculous. David Beckham’s Australian dopple ganger is an aspiring Melbournian musician with acting abilities that would make Chris Hemsworth look like a kid performing a play. Mr. Knowles also knows how to wear OTAA, and wear it well he does.  Exuding contemporary Melbourne style with elegance, nodding approval towards class and gentleman flair.”


The thing is, though, that no matter how much they poke fun, their ties, pocket squares and socks always come off looking great.