Eddie Redmayne for Prada

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The on-the-rise actor stars in the new Fall/Winter 2016 Menswear campaign for Prada.

Eddie Redmayne continues to cement his reputation as a leading actor who also likes to be a part-time clotheshorse by appearing front and centre in Prada’s Fall/Winter 2016 Menswear campaign.

The “theatre of history” is the motivation for the shoot, Craig McDean’s pictures invoking 19th century neo-classical paintings and Redmayne assuming the roles of hero, villain and revolutionary.


Redmayne’s career is on the up and up, winning an Oscar for The Theory of Everything and starring in the release of JK Rowling’s Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them later this year.

The shoot is an extension of the spirit of Prada’s Fall/Winter 2016 Menswear show – times past as a reflection on time present, juxtaposing looks and countless materials into a kind of “effortless irrationality”.