Dressing Tips For Short Men

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Genetics might have missed you out when it came to height but you can dress to create the impression you’re taller.

Streamline your silhouette

The golden rule of dressing taller is to create a streamlined silhouette in order to create the illusion of height — and that’s achieved by building an outfit with complementary shades of similar dark colours, rather than contrasting bright and muted hues. A monochromatic outfit made up of shades of navy, for example, is perfect — and if you insist on using lighter tones, wear them on the top half of the body so onlookers’ eyes are drawn upwards.


Add visual length

 That old chestnut that vertical stripes are slimming and add height is true, but it’s not the only optical illusion you can exploit to appear taller. Jackets add height by adding volume to the shoulders and slimming your waist, especially with a thinner lapel (it’s all about proportions — same goes for skinnier ties, collars, and cuffs). Avoid checks and coarse or busy patterns — they interrupt that streamlined silhouette you’re trying to achieve — but corduroy or a subtle herringbone both work.


Wear slim-fitting clothes

Loose garments make it look like you’ve wandered into the men’s section and couldn’t find anything that fit properly, or like you’re wearing your big brother’s hand-me-downs that you haven’t quite grown into yet. With the help of your tailor, slim-cut trousers are particularly important because they lengthen your legs — a high waist, crotch, and hem to avoid fabric pooling around your ankles help short men appear more debonaire than Dinklage.


Tuck in your shirt

If you’re trying to make your legs look longer, don’t hide them behind your shirt — tuck in button-downs, and purchase T-shirts that end around your hips (those Kanye-style around-the-thighs tees are out of the question, we’re afraid). Tops should also be well fitted around the chest to narrow the torso, as well as the armpits, so it doesn’t look like you’re swimming in excess fabric.


Use accessories up top

Statement shoes, loud socks, a flashy belt buckle, or even an eye-catch watch only draw observers’ eyes downwards, so accessorise on the top half of your body instead. A pocket square with a suit, a tie with an accompanying bar, and a scarf in winter all serve to retain your admirer’s up top, making you appear taller to them.