The Dos And Don’ts of Wearing A Snapback

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The 1990s favourite has returned to our heads amid the athleisure craze . . . but what are the rules around this uber-popular piece of headwear?

Do embrace minimalism

You’ll find plenty of snapbacks in plain black or other monochrome dark colours, which are versatile with any casual outfit you choose to pair it with. This style suits the minimalist aesthetic of giant streetwear labels like Supreme and Huf, perfect if you’re more of a field jacket and boots guy rather than a graphic tee and colourful trainers guy.

Don’t be scared of colour, either

A snapback is a style statement, so go ahead and go loud. Wear a loud pattern, bright colours, or the logo of your favourite American sports team — that teal and gold Jacksonville Jaguars cap with some retro Jordans? Bang on. The bolder designs also suit the grungier hip hop look that’s been made popular by artists like Jay-Z and Tyga.

Do incorporate snapbacks into smart casual outfits

Not your tatty old New York Yankees cap but a smart snapback with a subtle logo and dark neutral colours goes with a smart summer weekend outfit — think a white Oxford shirt and chinos or dark denim with brogues, boat shoes, or sharp white sneakers, with your sensible snapback and a stylish pair of sunnies up top.

Don’t bend the peak

These hats are designed to be worn with a stiff flat peak, so they’ll be bent out of whack if you decide to fold the brim. If you’d prefer a curved brim, there are styles of hat with softer shapes that are designed that way — don’t ruin a snapback trying to break it in.

Do wear it properly

Forwards is a more sensible option and backwards is a little more informal and edgy, which suits an urban streetwear vibe. Just don’t wear it on the side or perched at some peculiar angle — come on, dude, you’re not Justin Bieber or some a 16-year-old snap chatting your mad skateboarding tricks.

Don’t forget the context

Be conscious of the right occasion to don a snapback — it shouldn’t ever see the inside of an office, but with your mates on the weekend, go for your life. And perhaps more importantly, the hat has to suit your personal style. Early 20s with a wardrobe overflowing with Adidas and Stussy? Perfect. Other side of 40 with a more mature wardrobe? Perhaps not.