The Dos And Don’ts Of Relaxed Trousers

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Roomier pants are currently a major trend in menswear – here’s the best way to wear them.

The days of thigh-strangling skinny jeans are over, making way for a roomier trouser leg and a more comfortable fit — a more casual, flowing silhouette that doesn’t totally lose its tailored shape. But how do you pull off relaxed trousers without veering into baggy, loose, billowing, bargain bin territory? Follow these five tips.

Do crop the hems

Relaxed trousers should sit a little higher on the waist and taper down to a cropped hem. You don’t want puddles of fabric pooling around the top of your shoes, making you appear short and wide — form a couple of rolls to flash a bit of ankle or show off a statement sock, as is the contemporary style.

Don’t fall into the wrong material

Thick, hefty fabric on wide-legged trousers looks oversized and ill-fitting, like something conjured up from the deepest darkest depths of your dad’s 1990s wardrobe. The casual, flowing silhouette depends on casual, flowing fabrics that also retain a little structure — materials like cotton or cashmere or a light-stretch wool are most flattering.

Do rock pleats . . . with caution

Bigger blokes should stick to flat-front pants and steer clear of those little creases of fabric that add a bit of extra room around the waistline, which only draw attention and add extra weight to to your hips. But for skinny and tall blokes, that old-school pleats look can reinforce the vintage vibe wide-legged trousers create.

Don’t let things blow out of proportion

Relaxed trousers can look sloppy when what you’re wearing up top looks baggy, too — garments like oversized knits and longline tees. But roomy pants won’t look like pyjamas if the rest of your outfit is well composed, so partner them up with a tailored jacket and a crisp tucked-in shirt, for instance.

Do wear the right shoes

The wide trouser leg risks swamping slender footwear, so look for shoes with a bit of extra size about them. High-top sneakers and chunky brogue boots both help your trotters look regular sized beneath the bigger pants — avoid pointy, lean shoes like loafers.