Death Of The Suit Jacket?

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A new article claims the classic menswear piece is in “crisis”…

If you believe The Guardian then the men’s tailoring industry is about to undergo a “sea change” as fashion-forward gents rise up against the boring old suit jacket.

The supposed evidence?

A few celebrity red carpet appearances… and a two-month old tweet from Yeezy.

In other words: not exactly the sanest places from which to reach such a conclusion.


The Guardian begins the article by quoting Kanye’s social media prognostication from March 23: “I strongly dislike suit jackets.”

It’s telling they don’t use the full — and reliably nutty — Yeezy quote:

“On another note, I strongly dislike suit jackets. I used the word dislike because I hate the word hate.”

(If you hate the word hate then why use it in a tweet? Why are we even asking this when we’re talking about Kanye?)

Anyway, on to saner individuals, the bulk of The Guardian article breaks down recent red-carpet choices from Ryan Gosling (broken suit jacket), Shawn Mendes (conceptual suit jacket), Zayn Malik (longer suit/quilted jacket), Nick Jonas (leather jacket) and Troye Sivan (jacketless) to make its point.

Shawn Mendes at the Billboard Awards


Zayn Malik on The Voice UK


Troye Sivan at the Billboard Awards.



While we salute these celebs’ creative looks, we think the demise of the suit might be a little exaggerated.

What are your thoughts?