Is Astro-Blue the New Black?

Categories Fashion

According to Pinterest, the new colour we’ll all soon be clamouring to wear is “astronaut blue”, an out-of-this-world hue somewhere between clear sky and royal azure. As an added wrinkle, Pinterest further reckons we’re suddenly loving chambray.


So how did the popular visual discovery site come up with these prognostications, which are already being seized upon as a trend?

Well, according it its recent PR release, they “took a look at the dominant color of each Pin, working with our in-house Pinsights team to surface the top hues (and top Pins!) for 2016.”

From that they discerned that “astronaut blue” is being seen 100 per cent more in users’ Pins relating to men’s fashion, while chambray is being spotted 10 per cent more often.

Men’s chambray shirt by Uniqlo.


Of course, the question is how many extra sightings of astronaut blue were involved in that 100 per cent jump? If it went from, say, 10 to 20 million, then, yep, it’s a trend. If it was more like from four to eight, then not so much. As for chambray’s 10 per cent jump, we’re saying that as likely a statistical blip as evidence we’re all about to embrace the denim-like fabric.