Check Out The World’s First Waterproof Suit

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Alfa Romeo partners with a luxury British tailor for a water-resistant ‘concept suit’.

Luxury Italian sports car manufacturer Alfa Romeo has teamed up with British tailor Hawes & Curtis to create the world’s first ‘all weather’, high performance, water-resistant concept suit designed to meet the needs of a real-life modern-day James Bond.

No, not those pale blue manhood-hugging swimming trunks Daniel Craig donned in the Quantum of Solace — rather, the sort of thing Roger Moore could’ve done with in 1977’s The Spy Who Loved Me, when he piloted a Lotus Esprit beneath the waves.

But while that underwater vehicle was the stuff of fiction, the Alfa Romeo Giulietta’s DNA driving mode selector is the real deal, allowing the driver to shift between three settings — Dynamic Mode (D), Natural Mode (N), and All-Weather (A) — to tackle any road conditions.

And it’s that blend of functionality and performance that’s inspirited this innovative and fashion-forward outfit by the bespoke British clothiers — a suit that is both water-resistant to regular British downpours as well as breathable to handle all those sweltering 25-degree summer days the UK cops.

Hawes & Curtis applied a water-proof finish to luxurious Italian wool to guard it from the rain, as well as a mesh lining to regulate body temperature. That mesh is inspired by the Giulietta’s signature honeycomb grille, while the vibrant red contrast stitching reflects the auto’s distinctive upholstery.

“The limited edition pieces are inspired by the Giulietta’s refined design features and performance,” says Hawes & Curtis designer Kate Regan.

“Beautiful details such as the fluid lines of the car and the characteristic red highlights along the interior upholstery are echoed in the garments. I designed the items having in mind the corporate professionals who appreciate sleek design, attention to detail and impeccable quality.”

Fittingly for this James Bond-esque piece, London’s Canary Wharf provided the backdrop for this month’s launch, which sparkled with an array of accessories bearing Alfa’s red cross and viper logo including a tie, pocket square, cufflinks, lapel pin, and tie slide.