Check out Nike’s new Nintendo-inspired Jordans

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Did you grow up with a love of video games that was only outweighed by your obsession with sneakers? Then custom-shoe designers Freaker Sneaks have created just the kicks for you.

The UK company this week unveiled a limited edition Nintendo-themed Nike Jordan IV that takes its design inspiration from the iconic Nintendo Entertainment System (NES).

The Jordans take their colour scheme from the classic ‘80s console — light grey and black with a vibrant red outsole — as well as a series of ingenious details. The left heel carries a D-pad while the right bears two actual, press-able buttons (you can imagine how much effort that took to apply by hand), and each of the tongues are adorned with a classic game cover — Super Mario Bros. and Duck Hunt.

Although this isn’t an official collab between Nike and the customisers, it’s not the first time Sneaker Freaks have turned to Nintendo for inspiration.

Earlier this year they released Jordan US Super Nintendo IV NBA Jam sneakers, with a grey and lavender colourway and screenshots of the retro basketball game on the tongues, while there was also a limited edition run of simpler Jordan Super Nintendo IVs, based on the grey ‘90s gaming system, again with press-able control pad and button on the heels.

Freaker Sneaks have only customised 10 pairs of the Jordan NES IVs, and they’ll set you back US$1250 (AU$1600) a pop — a significant mark-up on the US$140 (AU$180) you’d pay for the standard Air Jordan 4 Retro you’d pay at the Nike store . . . but they don’t have real press-able Nintendo buttons on the heel, of course. It’s the same price for the Super Nintendo NBA Jam kicks, too, but the classic grey Super Nintendo sneakers are out of stock.

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