Can You Pull Off Denim On Denim?

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Ah, the old Canadian tuxedo. Historically right up there with matching the colour of your leather and ‘blue and green should not be seen . . .’ as the fashion commandments thou shalt not even flirt with breaking. But it is possibly to pull off double denim without looking like Justin Timberlake at the 2001 AMAs.

Vary shades and textures

The fundamental problem with the Canadian tux is that it doesn’t offer enough contrast, transforming your silhouette into an amorphous blob of denim. But this isn’t an issue when you use contrasting pieces with a different weight and tone — for example, a thin chambray shirt with thicker dark jeans, raw dark denim trousers paired with a lighter jacket, or chalky black trousers with blue up top.

Experiment with extras

Distressed denim jeans, a wintry borg collar jacket, acid wash jacket or jeans . . . these are all effective ways of preventing your outfit looking too matchy-matchy. You can also break up the denim-fest by incorporating contrasting garments into your ensemble — a tailored jacket over the top of a denim jacket and jeans, for instance.

Find the right fit

Workman-like light denim paired with simple staples like a white T-shirt and white sneakers can work, but fit is pivotal when you’re trying to pull off a risky style move like this — a sloppy oversized jacket looks like something you’ve foraged out of a thrift shop, whereas the contemporary slimmer fit gives off the impression that you know what you’re doing.

Black is safe

Double-black is grungy and relatively easy to pull off because black denim is so understated, perhaps broken up by a colourful graphic tee under the jacket or statement sneakers or boots as footwear. All white on the other hand? That’s much harder — in fact, almost impossible — to execute, so proceed with caution.

Avoid denim accessories

Timberlake’s denim suit was heinous enough on its own, but his most egregious crime was that denim cowboy hat — a pointed reminder that denim should not be seen anywhere other than trousers, jackets, and shirts. Hats, scarves, shoes, belts . . . just don’t even take the chance with denim accessories.