Buy Arnie’s Pants — and Sly’s Shirt!

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Why dress like the A-list, when you can own their actual clothes?

Our screen heroes often inspire the way we dress, just as we often seek out clothes that are talking points.

But if you’ve got a bit of money to throw around, you can combine both fashion impulses by buying the actual clothes your favourite actors wore in beloved movies.

Just head to eBay and type in “screen worn” to see a vast array of film costumes on sale, complete with certificate of authenticity (COA).

So, for $US2500 you can snap up a shirt and T-shirt that Sly Stallone wore as Rocky Balboa in last year’s Creed. The size is XL — if you hadn’t guessed.


For another $US800, you can match them with a pair of Ralph Lauren work pants – size 38 – worn by Arnie Schwarzenegger in 2013’s action flick The Last Stand. Sure, the slashes and blood stand out, but that’s all the better as a conversation starter, right?


If you’re heading to a fancy dress — or dance — party any time soon, you might consider plonking down $US1250 for Ben Affleck’s screen-worn angel-wear from 1999’s satire Dogma. The four-piece ensemble — black GAP jeans, sleeveless Nike shirt, burgundy suede custom jacket and brown leather waist piece — were worn in the film’s church battle finale. The COA is signed by director Kevin Smith.


Going out for a jog? Why not do it in the sweatshirt and sweatpants worn by none other than Forrest Gump?  For just $US1495, you can have the outfit Tom Hanks wore in when the character was learning to play ping pong in the veteran’s hospital.



After you get back from you run, you change into a comfy Cutter & Buck navy XXL polo shirt worn by James Gandolfini in an episode of The Sopranos, priced at just $US1449.99



While they’re all pretty pricey, you can get a snazzy look worn by Gary Oldman in 2014’s Robocop for a pretty reasonable $US349. For that price, you get a Hugo Boss shirt, Banana Republic belt and Holt Renfrew tie.


At the other end of the spectrum, if you love watches and Steve McQueen and have a lazy $US39,999 hanging around, you can pick up the Le Marc watch from he wore in 1965’s The Cincinnati Kid.