Brad Pitt Turns 53

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The soon-to-be former Mr Angelina Jolie celebrates his birthday today, so Men’s Style celebrates by looking back on some of Brad’s style hits and misses.

Legends of the Fall (1994)

Pitt exploded onto the scene as a the moody, sensitive rancher with long, flowing locks in this early ‘90s cowboy drama, pioneering the man bun — or full blown ponytail — decades before it became an inner-city hipster staple. The bright blond mane at the film’s premiere was some unholy mixture of Tarzan, beach bum, and Chad Kroeger from Nickelback.


Fight Club (1999)

At first glance, rebel protagonist Tyler Durden looks like he’s assembled his outfit for $10 out of a Vinnies bargain bin, but Pitt’s collection of leather jackets, wide-collared shirts and bright patterns is a masterclass in vintage wear. And behind the op-shop chic wardrobe and spiky hair, the real star of the show was Pitt’s cheese-grater abs on full display in those sweaty, smouldering fight scenes . . . no wait, we really shouldn’t be talking about those.


Peroxide blond (2005)

Jennifer Aniston — Pitt’s wife between 2000 and 2005 — certainly got Brad’s best years, and maybe we should chalk up this short, bleached-blond hairdo to the post break-up blues. The platinum locks coupled with a leather jacket channeled Billy Idol at the premiere of Mr and Mrs Smith in 2005, alongside future bride Angeline Jolie . . . not a bad rebound at all.


Inglorious Basterds (2009)

After a decade of see-sawing between shoulder-length lengths and buzz cuts and blond tips, this look signals Pitt’s maturing style — a shift towards more conservative hairstyles and elegant garments in dark, earthy tones. An all-too-rare tidy haircut and an Errol Flynn pencil moustache gave off classic Old Hollywood vibes around the time Pitt played a swashbuckling Nazi scalper in Quentin Tarantino’s World War Two epic.


The braided beard (2009-10)

Even one of the most handsome faces on the planet couldn’t redeem a ratty piece of facial hair that looked more at home skulking around a bus station at 3am than on the red carpet in Cannes. There’s a fine line between castaway chic and just plain old castaway, and Brad charged over it with this Jack Sparrow-esque beard braided with pirate beads that put a big, fat, black line through his name for any more ‘World’s Sexiest Man’ gongs.