[Another] Five Habits of Stylish Men

Categories Fashion

See that well-turned out guy on the street? He probably has the following things down to a fine art…

You know your tailor’s name

The stylish man understands the value of a perfect silhouette, and the key to a good cut is a reliable tailor. Most garments you buy off the rack won’t fit you perfectly, so that relationship with a tailor to make those subtle yet crucial alterations maintains that all-important silhouette. Men of style are also on first-name terms with their barber — you ought to be seeing him every month or two for a regular trim that prevents that fluffy-around-the-edges look and demonstrates your attention to detail.


You invest in quality

 Classic wardrobe staples — dark denim jeans, white button-down shirts, a nice pair of Oxfords — never go out of fashion and can be incorporated into a variety of outfits, so it makes sense to spend big on quality that lasts. You get what you pay for with these timeless pieces that don’t drift in and out of style spending on the season — you could spend $80 on a second-rate pair of jeans that wear out in the seat every 12 months, or invest in a $250 pair that lasts three years . . . you do the maths.


You know how to take care of your clothes

This means paying attention to garments’ washing instruction labels, knowing how to iron your clothes, regularly dry cleaning your suits and dress shirts, shining your shoes once a week . . . plus storing your garments properly by curling your ties, folding your delicate jumpers, and hanging your jackets. Your threads require care long after you’ve brought them home from the shops — taking pride in your wardrobe not only extends the life of your pieces, but good organisation also makes it easier to construct a well-considered outfit when you know where every item’s place is.


Your accessories are on-point

Anyone can shell out big money for an immaculate bespoke suit, but the attention to detail with the little things is the true mark of a stylish man. We’re talking subtle touches like a flawless shirt and tie combination, a classy tie bar, a pocket square for a pop of colour, a stylish pair of sunnies . . . the understated, personal touches that allow a man to show off his individual taste.


You plan ahead

Selecting your attire the night before wearing it is a little bit too close to a 10-year-old boy laying out his uniform the night before a school night, but a little bit of forward thinking helps the stylish man build a cohesive, considered, well-thought-out outfit. You don’t need any extra pressure as you’re rushing out the door for a big date or a job interview, so just five minutes of thought the night before can add an air of confidence and composure to your personal style.