AC/DC and… Gucci?

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Fashion can bring together some very unlikely pairings.

We guess it’s a long way to the top if you want some high couture.

Readers of The New York Times – and rockers around the world – are in for a shock this weekend when they see the most unlikely of pairings gracing the cover of T, the newspaper’s influential style magazine.


No — you haven’t had too many bourbons.

Yes — that is AC/DC’s logo adorning a Gucci dress from its fall 2016 collection!

The collection is described by Alessandro Michele, the brand’s creative director, as “rock ‘n’ roll Renaissance, 1980s Renaissance, street-style Renaissance, bourgeois Renaissance, chinoiserie Renaissance”.

No word whether it’s to be available in flannelette.

But there are confirmed reports of considerable seismic activity in Fremantle, Western Australia, where Bon Scott is spinning in his grave.