7 Style Essentials of the Retro ‘90s Look

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In fashion, what goes around, comes around, and what goes around at the moment is a 1990s revival… here’s what you’ll need to get the look.

Bomber jacket

With military origins dating back to the Second World War, the bomber is no longer limited to olive green and an overly baggy cut — the contemporary style is better fitting, and comes in various shades of green, blue, and black. This versatile ‘90s staple suits all your casual winter gear, particularly with a simple tee and light-wash denim.



Adidas, Fila, Ellesse, Fred Perry, Puma, Ben Sherman . . . the Gallagher brothers led the wave of Brit Pop that flooded the world with football-inspired sports wear. Avoid the full Vicky Pollard tracksuit look by pairing an Adidas three-stripe or a fitted Fred Perry polo with a slim jean and a colourful pair of trainers.



Another military-influenced piece, a bulky pair of Doc Martens goes nicely with some slim-cut lightly washed denim jeans (strictly no acid wash!) and a slightly oversized tee, bomber, or flannel shirt. The air-cushioned boots come in a variety of colours with their distinctive yellow stitching, but it’s hard to go past the classic black or cherry red.

Oversized tees

A baggy T-shirt with a billowing pair of cargo shorts or boot-cut jeans looks like the offcuts of a thrift shop bargain bin, but balanced out by smart slim jeans, the oversized tee is back. Simple cotton white and grey crewnecks are huge at the moment, and logo tees — another ‘90s favourite — have become popular again.



We can’t have a conversation about ‘90s menswear without mentioning classic sneakers, when Nike icon Michael Jordan dominated on the court and the Fresh Prince Will Smith dominated off it. The revival of vintage sneakers shows no signs of slowing down judging by the sheer volume of re-releases by the major sneaker brands.


Flannel shirt

Grunge is chic again, and its most iconic staple is this Kurt Cobain favourite. Same deal as the oversized tee — a baggy flannel shirt can’t be matched with baggy pants, which looks more tortured homeless dude than tortured musician. Either a sleeveless style or a tighter cut gives the humble flannel a modern twist.



Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic, David Beckham when he got together with Posh, Lloyd Christmas in Dumb and Dumber . . . you couldn’t move in the ‘90s without bumping into a bowl cut, and the middle-parted curtain cut is enjoying a revival in 2017. Peroxide blonde has also been spotted on Justin Bieber, Lucky Blue Smith, and Lionel Messi, but you might have to be a professional model, footballer, or pop star to really pull off platinum.