5 Wise Ways With Your Wardrobe

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Some essential things to consider when you’re choosing clothes…

1. Colour

The colours you choose to wear should complement your hair and skin colour. If you’re a “high contrast” gent – that is, you have dark hair and pale skin – aim to mimic this in your dress with a black or navy suits or jackets worn with a white shirt. However, if you’re “low contrast” – that is, with blonde or red hair or bald with more tanned skin — you’re better off wearing more monochromatic colour combinations.


2. Timelessness

Think about all the daggy clothes you wouldn’t be seen dead in – skinny ties, big shouldered suits, hypercolour T-shirts – and remember this sobering fact: they were all trendy once. The key to spending money wisely is to buy new clothes that will still be in fashion years from now. Go classic and you can’t go wrong.


3. Combinations Work

While you might love the jacket on the clothing rack in the store as a stand-alone piece, ask how it fits with the rest of your wardrobe. If all or most of your pants, shirts and jackets can be mixed and matched, it vastly expands the number of potential outfits you can wear. Do the math on just four of each—it’s 4 x 4 x 4, which is 64 combinations. Nice, right? But having one or even two items that don’t go with much else drastically reduces that number.

4. Know Your Wardrobe

This relates to the above. In order to buy smartly, you need to know what you own. Periodically – at the end of each season works well – take stock of what you have in your possession to help you plan for upcoming purchases. This is also a good opportunity to inspect clothes for any necessary repairs, ensure everything still fits, send items out for dry cleaning and donate anything you no longer wear to charity. You can also take photos with your phone of your wardrobe as an aid to memory for when you’re next out shopping.


5. Practice Wearing Your Best

Putting on your best suit for a special event can sometimes make you feel uncomfortable, simply because it’s a rare occasion. So, while this sounds silly, think about practicing wearing your finest clothes so you feel more accustomed to them. There’s no rule to say you can’t go out to dinner at a restaurant dressed to the nines. People will simply assume you’re coming from an important function. Think about George Clooney. He looks like he was born in a suit. That’s because he wears them so often.