5 Simple Hacks To Improve Your Style

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Some basic rules to ensure your dress the part every single day.

Understand Yourself

There are plenty of ways to work out what sort of clothes work best for your height, weight and overall shape. Ask a shop assistant at a retail establishment your trust, or quiz a tailor if you’re getting a suit fitted. There are also plenty of online guides which offer basic rules for dressing depending on your physical attributes, from suiting to casual and even what sort of eyewear best suits your face shape.


Get Your Staples Right

Every wardrobe needs its basics – the good white t-shirt, the reliable pullover, the blazer, the chinos, the Oxford shoes, etc. Once you have these sorted – and you don’t need to spend a lot of money to build the staples in your wardrobe – then you can add special pieces which add personality and character. The best advice is always to keep the staples of a restrained and muted colour palette – royal blues, white, black, camel – and then add colour and texture around them with your jacket, pocket square and accessories, for instance.


Plan Ahead

Women do it all the time. Men, not so much. Thinking about what you’re going to wear – be it for work or an informal event with friends – ahead of time can take away much of the impulsive guesswork that can lead to ill-considered dressing combinations. Getting points 1 and 2 right above will make this process a lot easier – learning what works for you and in what combination will go a long way to make the planning process in your head a lot easier and quicker. This way you’ll look consistently sharp.


Learn To Accessorise

Men’s accessories is a growing and serious fashion category, fuelled by the modern gent’s enthusiasm for “finishing off” his look with a nice watch, jewellery, tie pin, pocket square, satchel or any of a number of other accessories. The old “belt-and-shoes-should-match” mantra holds true for accessorising – try and keep the colour scheme in the same family or at least complementary. If you’re unsure whether the colours are complementary, avoid accessories!

Maintain A Regime

If you get all of the above right yet rock up sporting a straggly, unkempt beard, sallow skin and chewed nails, the whole look instantly falls apart. Men are hairy, sweaty creatures, in the main, who need to maintain a proper grooming routine in order to present their best possible image. It doesn’t necessary need to be daily (although things like moisturising should probably be daily), but a weekly ‘manscape’ will ensure the effort you’ve spent on your dressing is set off to best effect.