5 Key Spring Men’s Fashion Trends

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Nail the new season with these on-trend ideas…

1.Retro Shirting

Recent runway shows by the likes of Canali, Lanvan Louis Vuitton and Raf Simons have showcased 1950s-styled shirting. These short-sleeve designs inspired by mid-century pump jockeys boast sharp silhouettes and favour bold patterns. They go well worn with bold belts and slightly higher-waisted trousers. It’s a little bit rockabilly, a little bit James Dean. If you pull of a quiff, all the better.

Louis Vuitton

2. Bombers Away

As seen in the runway work of Simon Miller, Salvatore Ferragam and Versace, bomber jackets are back in a big way. They’re perfect for milder nights and recent designs make big statements with bold colours and patterns.


G-Star bomber

3. Easy Being Green

It’s taken a few seasons, but green has finally reclaimed its place in the colour pantheon, with the big brands all emphasising it in their collections. Army green jackets, shirts, trousers, sneakers and even suits are fun, show off a bit of boldness but retain a muted practicality and masculinity. Haven’t tried it before? Here’s your chance to go green.

Paul Smith

4. Bandanas

Recent European 2016/17 collections saw a revival in this fashion flourish. If you’ve got a few bucks, spend it on a colourful bandana. Worn as a neckerchief, it enlivens and outfit and gives your look a splash of fun. Also good: they’re easy to take off and on, adjust and even swap out, making changing up your look during the day or night a cinch.

5. Childhood Reveries

Also in are shirts, caps and lighter outerwear featuring colourful prints evoking boyish memories and aspirations. While they’re staying away from branded images—we’re not talking your old Goonies T-shirt—Euro trendsetters are hitting the streets in clobber that celebrates astronauts, spaceships, fast cars, dinosaurs and similar such flights of fancy. Just be careful not to overdo it and stray into kitsch. One such item is enough to say you’re in touch with your inner child.